Objectives of the Conference

The main objective of this meeting is to provide an update on the current knowledge and future directions on the study of CCA at a basic and clinical point of view.

Specifically, the main objectives of this conference are:

  1. To know the main features of cholangiocarcinoma.
  2. To understand the mechanisms leading to malignant transformation of biliary cells.
  3. To understand the molecular mechanisms that govern the development and growth of these tumors  (signaling pathways).
  4. To know the principles of genetic and epigenetic defects as determinants of cholangiocarcinogenesis.
  5. To know the role of progenitor cells in cholangiocarcinogenesis.
  6. To promote knowledge on novel patient classifications
    To know the current emerging therapies.
  7. To know the future directions in basic and translational research as well as clinical medicine.